Holidays in Britain - Отпуск в Великобритании


This video gives a unique insight into British life and culture. It is easy to understand for intermediate students. 



When the British people – куда британцы go on holidayедут в отпуск?

How much timeкак много времени that will takeэто займет? And are there – и куда they will go - они поедут?

Like millions of the other British peopleподобно миллионам других британцев I go on holiday in the summer - я иду в отпуск летом.

Although tonight august - хотя сейчас август this to the most popular months - это самый популярный месяц. Not everyoneне все takes their holidays - берут отпуск at the same time - в это же самое время.


Lots of people take a two week break - множество людей берет двухнедельный перерыв, that they can choose –который они могут выбрать, when to take it - когда взять его.

Going abroad - поездка за рубеж for a holiday – в отпуск is now very popular – теперь очень популярна.


British peopleбританцы make almost forty million - совершают почти сорок миллионов holiday tripsпоездок в отпуске every yearкаждый год.

That’s seven times more - это - в семь раз больше, than in nineteen seventy - чем в 1970 г.



Florida - Флорида and  the Carrabin - и Карибы  popular some holiday makers – популярны для некоторых отпускников.



But eighty five percent - но восемьдесят пять процентов for foreign holidays - для отпусков за границей are invested Europe - инвестирует в Европу.

Spain - Испания is the number one choice - выбор номер один for many people - для многих людей.


Over twenty five percentболее, чем двадцать пять процентов of all British - всех британских holiday makers отпускников go thereедут туда.


Why the some many British peopleпочему некоторые из множества британцев go abroad for the holidays - уезжают в отпуск за границу because of the British weather - это из-за британской погоды.

Sometimes that - иногда там isn't very much sun – бывает не очень солнечно.


But not everyone goes abroad.

The traditional British seaside holiday is still very popular.

In the nineteenth century there weren't any car plates.

People traveled by train from the big cities to seaside towns such as black pier.

Brighton which is only a hundred kilometers from London.

People come there to swim win so some bay are just sitting at that

Brighton is the place the family holidays because there are lots of things to do.

They all have a good time and doesn’t matter how old you are.


People stay in hotels guesthouses and bed-and-breakfast.

Some people camping tents all staying in caravans.

This is a chip of type of holidays.

Everyone hopes for a lot of sunshine and not too much rain.

Over two million British peoples spend their holiday in Devon on Cornwall in the southwest of England.

In the North the lake district in Scotland above very popular

Surprisingly London isn't popular - very few British people go there.

How many? Only about a quarter of a million.


Not everyone wants to spend two weeks lied on the beach.

Many British people have activity holidays.

Doing things such as climbing, cycling, walking on the hills.

Sayle on the narrow boat on the canal you can travel countryside and spend a little time visiting interesting places.

You don't have the book of hotel because you sleep on the boat is very different everyday life and very relaxing.


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