Breakfast at Tiffany's - Завтрак у Тиффани

- Won’t you join me? - Хочешь присоединиться ко мне?

Yes, join Audrey Hepburn - да, присоединись к Одри Хепберн, as you’ve never seen it before, - какой ты никогда не видел ее до этого

(kicking over the traces and bring in to life Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 


- I never could do that! - Я никогда не мог сделать так!

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightely, - Одри Хепберн в роли Холли Голайтли who typifies - которая символизирует and glorifies - и прославляет the glamorous play – чарующую игру mates of this dizzily spinning world - этого головокружительно вращающегося мира

as she and George Peppard breath through the glitter and shimmer of this New York as it has never been captured before.


You have a special invitation to attend Audrey Hepburn’s open house on the wildest night (of) <3333ST1:PLACE w:st="on">New York ever knew! 


Timber….!        Yes.         Availing eh?


Tell you one thing frank, darling?  I’ll marry you for your money in a minute.  You marry for my money?   In a minute!  So I guess it’s a pretty lucky night neither of us is rich, huh? 


Please darling don’t start looking at me like that.  Holly, I’m in love with you.  So what?  So what?  So plenty!  I love you, you belong to me. 

No, people don’t belong to people.  Of course they do. 

Never let anyone put me in a cage. 

I don’t wanna put you in a cage.  I wanna love you!


Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard (are) searching for love in the big town, but sharing only part of their lives until they find a deep, warm moment of truth, but can’t be hidden even by the odd ball antiques and brittle surface of New York.


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