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20. Negotiating (continued) - Переговоры (продолжение)


В этом уроке продолжение темы переговоров

Sally: So. Let's make a start.
Sally: Mr Johns. Would you like to outline your position on the first item on the agenda? Take the logical specifications.
Derek Johns: Thank you. I think that we need to consider a couple of options when we look at this question.


Client: So, that's fine. You can sign the contract when we deliver the machine

Jenny: How soon can we expect delivery?

Client: Well. Would next Tuesday be convenient?

Jenny: No. We really need it today.

Client: I'm afraid that's just not possible.

Jenny: Well, what is the earliest you can deliver?

Client: We can do it before 5 in the afternoon

Jenny: Oh, I'm afraid we really need the machine by tomorrow at the latest or I'm going to have to look elsewhere.

Client: Ok. I'll see what I can do.

Jenny: I'm sorry but that just isn't good enough. I must have a guanrantee delivery by tomorow.

Client: I need to speak to my boss. Can I call you back in ten minutes?

Sally: I'm sorry. This is a very difficult situation. I understand your problem but you must see our position.

Sally: We think this is a very exciting project but because we can not find the compromise. I'm afraid we can go no further.

Mr Harris: We can't go higher than 14 for 30,000 units. That's our final offer.

Sally: But you must realize that at this price, our margin is unacceptable.

Sally: So. I think we have covered all the items on today's agenda.

Sally: I'm sorry that we have reached no solution on the final item which is the March 2 project.

Sally: Could I suggest we'll end for today and meet tomorow morning at 10 o'clock.

Mr Harris: Goodbye.

Kate: Goodbye.

Jenny: Is Clive back yet?

Geraldine: He phoned about 20 minutes ago, said he was on his way. He didn't sound very happy.

Jenny: Oh, dear!
I wanted to ask about taking a couple of days off.

Geraldine: Suggested you wait, I don't think that...

Geraldine: Oh, Mr Harris there is a message.

Mr Harris: Geraldine, I have a meeting with Derek. Hold on my calls.

Jenny: I see what you mean.



Geraldine:I've never seen Derek look so angry. What is going on?

Jenny: I don't know. I have no argument.

Kate: Well, that was an interesting Jenny, 20 minutes of total silence.

Jenny: What's going on?

Kate: I think the word to describe the situation is deadlock.

Mr Harris: Derek, you are being unreasonable!

Derek: Me? Why want you move on 14?

Mr Harris: Derek, we have been through this. We have agreed on negociating position.

Derek: I've never agreed to this position. We aren't offering any flexibility. They have to protect their margins.

Harris: Then we can't do the project.

Derek:That's your decision, is it?

Mr Harris: Derek, I have no choice.

Derek: I'm sorry Clive. I can't accept that.

Mr Harris: What are you saying?

Derek: I'm giving in my resignation.

Mr Harris: That was ridiculous. You're tired. Sleep on it. We'll talk in the morning.



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