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International Spy Museum - Международный музей шпионажа

International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. - Международный музей шпионажа в Вашингтоне


The International Spy Museum - Международный музей шпионажа in Washington, D.C. - в Вашингтоне, has become one the city's most popular - стал одним из самых популярных tourist attractions - достопримечательностей города.

Three and a half million visitors - три с половиной миллиона посетителей have passed through its doors - прошли через его двери, since it opened in 2002 – со времени его открытия в 2002.

Exhibits here featureв качестве экспонатов здесь выставлены poison pens, - ручки с ядом, umbrella guns, - зонтики-ружья, high tech surveillance gear, - высокотехнологичный механизм наблюдения, and other tools - и другие приспособления of the spy tradeшпионской торговли.



VOA's George Dwyer reportsотчет Джоржа Двайера, голос Америки, on one of the world's most intriguing museums - относительно одного из наиболее интригующих музеев, an institution that cautions visitors - учреждение, которое предостерегает посетителей: "All is not as it seems - все не то, как это кажется ".


It is no secretэто не секрет, Washington, D.C.'s International Spy Museumчто Вашингтонский Международный музей шпионажа has become one of the city's most popular tourist attractions - стал одной из самых популярных достопримечательностей города.


"We are, - мы являемся, as far as we know, - насколько мы знаем, the only International Spy Museum in the world, - единственным Международным музеем шпионажа в Вашингтоне", says Peter Earnest, - говорит Питер Эрнест, the founding executive director of the Museum директор музея со дня основания and a 35 - year veteran of the CIA - и 35-летний ветеран ЦРУ.


(U.S. Central Intelligence Agency - американское Центральное разведывательное управление).


"We have actually exceeded our own expectations - мы фактически превысили свои собственные ожидания.

And I think you can attribute that to a couple of things - и я думаю, что Вы можете приписать это нескольким вещам.



One, people inherently like to learn secrets, - людям неотъемлемо нравится изучать тайны, things that have been secrets and now are uncovered - вещи, которые были тайными, а теперь раскрыты."

The Museum features - музей показывает the largest collection of espionage artifacts - наибольшую коллекцию шпионских экспонатов, ever publicly displayed, - когда-либо публично показанных, including miniaturized surveillance devices, - включая миниатюризированные устройства для наблюдения, or “bugs,”или жучки”, designed to avoid detectionразработанные так, чтобы избежать обнаружения


"So this is a museum about secrets. It is very story-driven. We tell the stories of people who have been in espionage, what they did, what they sacrificed; try and give a sense of what they gained. Was it worth what they did? "

The historic roots of the spy trade are traced back as far as a copy of "The Art of War," a Chinese military text written 2,500 years ago. Items that were once top secret are now available for public inspection. And while none of today's top secrets are shared here, the museum does still strive to remain contemporary.

"And so this is what this experience really is all about. You know you walk through here and you pick up bits and pieces of intelligence," says museum historian Thomas Boghardt. He describes the challenges posed to visitors in an interactive exhibit called 'Operation Spy,' where they will a track a stolen nuclear device at a model CIA 'front' operation. Boghardt adds, "And the better you are the more information you will get and, as I said, that is really what 'Operation Spy' is all about. You gather information as you go and then you determine, 'What action can I take?'"

Of course, then there is also the issue of counter-espionage.

Earnest says, "As you know one person's patriot may be another person's traitor, but what really was the motivation, what was the ideology? And so trying to find out secrets and the stories behind them is part of what drives people here."

Searching for secrets through espionage continues today. And according to the Spy Museum, more spies are now at work in Washington, D.C. than in any other city in the world.




Тест на внимательность:

  • 1) How many Spy Museums are there in the world?

  • 2) Who is the founder executive director?

  • 3) How many years did he use to work for CIA?

  • 4) "The art of war" chinese military text was written in:

  • 5) Who is the author of "the art of war"?

  • 6) What called the interactive exibit posed to visitors?

  • 7) What is the video about?

  • 8) 'We have exceeded our own expectations.' Exceed means:




1) 1 in US

2) Peter Earnest

3) 35 years

4) 2500 years ago

5) Sun Tzu

6) operation spy

7) International Spy Museum

8) to go beyond in quantity



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