15 | 03 | 2013

Validation - Подтверждение


Here's an unusual video - вот необычное видео, that will surprise you - которое, возможно,  удивит вас.


J Mac - A Hoop Dream


 This is the story of Jason McElwain by ESPN - who produced the best piece on this amazing story


Life is short - Жизнь коротка


This Film is a celebration - этот фильм - празднование. It is a celebration of gatherings, - это - празднование сообществ, of diversity, of life, - - разнообразия, жизни, and of the beauty - и красоты of shared experience - общего опыта жизни.



Pet Penguin - Ручной пингвин

Pet Penguin in Japan


Meet Lala, the pet penguin which was caught in a fisherman's net and brought home. Now he is used to living with humans and refuses to leave.



Dolphin and Dog - Дельфин и собака


A true friendship between a Dolphin and a Dog from the movie:
"Zeus and Roxanne" 1992.
Music by Vangelis: "Song of the Seas".


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