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In Time - Время

When Will Salas - когда Уилл Салас is falsely accused of murder , - ошибочно обвиняется в убийстве, he must figure out a way , - он должен выяснить путь with the help of a beautiful hostage, - с помощью красивой заложницы, to bring down a system where time is money - разрушить систему, где время - деньги literally - буквально.

Enabling the wealthy to live forever - предоставление возможности богачу жить вечно, while the poor, - в то время как бедные, like Will - такие, как Уилл, have to beg, borrow, and steal - должны просить, заимствовать, и красть.


In the near future - в ближайшем будущем
you don't age past 25 - вам не будет больше двадцати пяти,

Allow me to introduce - позвольте мне представить my mother-in-law, Clara - мою свекровь Клару.
My wife Michelle, - мою жену Мишель and my daughter, Sylvia - и мою дочь Сильвию
Life is paid out -
жизнь оплачена a minute at a time - за минуту времени.



Whoa-whoa-whoa - Стоп, стоп, стоп.

Where's the rest - где остальные?

You never - ты никогда met the quota - не встречался с квотой.

My units - мои единицы are up from last week – ушли с прошлой недели.

So is the quotaтак это квота.


(The rich can live forever - богатые могут жить вечно


The poor die young - бедные умирают молодыми)


Just once – только однажды I'd like to make it - я бы хотел сделать это with a little more time - с немного большим количеством времени on my hand - на моей руке, than hours in the day - чем часы, полагающиеся за в день.


How old are you - сколько Вам лет?

28 – двадцать восемь.

I'm 105 - мне 105.

But the day comes that you've had enough.
If you had as much time as I have, what would you do with it?
I sure as hell wouldn't waste it.
(on the window: don't waste my time)
The last time anyone saw him alive, there was over a century on his clock.
Well, follow the time.

His name is Will Salas.
You can't hide 100 years in the ghetto.
You know that time will get you killed.
Hey mom.
I'm gonna get out of here.
I just wouldn't know what to do if I lost you.
I don't believe we've had the pleasure of your company before, Mr. ...
Salas. Will Salas.
I'm sorry to have to break up the party, Mr. Wyse, I just need a word with your friend.
(This is my destiny)
Please take me home.
I can't do that.
You're keeping me alive.
How can you live with yourself watching people die right next to you?
You don't watch. You close your eyes.
I'm going to make them pay.
I'm going to take them for everything they've got.
Come on, come on! Help yourselves.
Take the time. It's free.
You put enough time in the wrong hands, ypu upset the whole system.
Let's hope so.
If this works, we gotta get more.
I can help you get all the time you want.
You know, we're coming to get you.
Will! Look out!
His crime wasn't taking time.
It was giving it away.



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