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Child Prodigies - Вундеркинды

Child Prodigies Seldom Become Successful - Вундеркинды редко становятся успешными



Twenty one year old Juian Lage has been playing guitar since he was five. 

I certainly felt that like there’s no effort to play guitar.
It’s fun, it’s really fun. It’s stayed that way from my whole childhood.
The film “Jules at Eight” give a glimpse of what life for Lage’s life then. 


People began to understand the talent he had. 

People would’ve approached me and my parents and my parents were great at seeing through their offer and say “You know what?

Maybe sending Julian cross the country do this and be on TV shows maybe that’s not the best
thing for him.  If they were looking to make money not for me, which a lot of parents might have to or might want to.  I would’ve turned out  quite differently.


Which maybe why he didn’t release his first CD, Sounding Point, until this March (2009). 

I could’ve recorded when I was younger, but I think the biggest issue for me was wanting to step forward more than just music.  Lage has original sound according to music critics. 

That originality is probably why we are still hearing about Julian Lage.


According to psychologist Dillon Wiener, making the transition from prodigy to adult performer is difficult.  Most of them are unheard of when they grow up be adult.  Wiener is the author of the “Gifted
Children: myths and realities.” 

A child prodigy is somebody who masters an area that’s already been invented by adults, and masters are very very quickly.  If you want to still be aligned with, you have to be somebody unusual that does something in a new way.


Rasta Thomas is doing that with his company, Bad Boys of Dance. 

They performed at World Trade national Park with performing arts this  summer.  World Trap CEO, Karen Jones, he’s very exciting to watch and
has brought up field.  His music and his choreography is such that really attracts young and if you’re new audience to dance because it’s so accessible. 

Thomas was called child prodigy when he was 14, he won a
gold medal competing against adults at a prestigious dance competition.

 He built on his classical training by adding moves from modern dance, jazz, musical theater, and even Michael Jackson to make ballet more appealing to his generation.  


It was a new lead art form and I wanted to make that, I wanted to do something about that. 

And I thought you know having younger, fresher, hipper dancers, and making productions and performances are little more fun.  It could possibly be anecdote to that issue. 

Rasta and his wife Adriancan tear in another form of child prodigy insert playfulness and humor into their dances.  Their performances are hit people young and old.   Last month 20,000 people came to see them in Germany. 

As one critic wrote, they are taking Europeby storm.  Susan Rogue, VOA News, Washington.                                                            

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