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21. Negotiating (continued) & Goodbye - Переговоры (продолжение) и прощание



Edward: That's good to hear. Thank you. I feel I've learnt a lot here in the last 6 months. Obviously 6 months ago I couldn't negociate a large deal with Iremart but now I can.
Don: Let's be open here Edward. Are we talking about salary?


Edward: It's not just a question of money, Don. I want to look at the whole package. It's salary, performance related bonus, a company charge card and expense account, a car and a more responsible position.

Don: I think we should sit down, don't you?

Sally: I'm very happy that we have been able to overcome the difficulties. I think our negociations have been very successful and does the result. We're in the position to move forward with this project

Mr Harris: I would like to thank Sally Warm for her outstanding contribution to this project.

John: Hear, hear.

Sally: She's worked very hard to find the solution to what seemed then impossible problem.

Sally: Thank you. I think the March 2 is a very exciting concept. Peharps we should spend some time summarizing and clarifying what we have agreed.

Don: Edward, if you insist on the car, then I can't offer you such a lot salary increase and we have to find some compromise on the performance related bonus.



Edward: I think I'm worth the salary.

Don: I am prepared to offer you a lot of bonus, but if you accept that then you have to accept the smaller salary increase.

Edward: Could you be more percise?

Don: If you accept a 15% increase in salary then I can add an extra 5% on that bonus figure, that represents a 40% increase next year if you make your target.

Edward: Ok. If you make that a 17% salary increase, I think we can reach agreement.

Don: Ok.

Mr Harris: Sally. We very much appreciated your effort to make this product possible. I have a small ......which I would like you to have

Sally: That is very kind of you

Edward: We just leave the matter of the car.

Don: But Edward I said this salary increase with condition that you make a concession on car.

Edward: I'll accept a smaller car.

Don: Allright! 


Don: And let's go through this point once more. Clive is going to kill me. Where did you learn to negociate, Edward?

Edward: You taught me everything I know, Don.

Jenny: Goodnight, Geraldine.

Geraldine: Goodnight.

: And let's go through this point once more. Clive is going to kill me. Where did you learn to negociate, Edward?



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