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Prince of Persia - Принц Персии



Have you wondered - Вы задавались вопросом, how you could have found - как Вы могли найти such a treasure - такое сокровище?
gods have a plan - у богов есть план for you - относительно Вас.

A destiny - судьба.


- I
ve seen this power - я видел эту власть with my own eyes - своими собственными глазами.
Releasing the Sand – выпускание песка turns back time - поворачивает время вспять.

Only the holder of the Dagger - только держатель Кинжала is aware - знает of what’s happened - о том, что случилось.

- How did you do that - как ты сделал это?

Only the Dagger can unlock the sands of time. And there are those who would use this power to destroy the world.
Time will erase everything.
The only way to stop this Armageddon is for us to take the Dagger to the Secret Guardian Temple. We must take it there, Dastan.

Hey, you really enjoy to tell me what to do, don’t you?
Only because you are so good in following orders.
Don’t praise it’s luck


They strike terror into the heart of all they cross.
Such a noble prince. Leaping to assist a fallen beauty.
Who said you are a beauty? There must be a reason why you can’t take your eyes off me. You…. I….
Fight him!
The high temple! It’s guarded by some sort of demon!
Dastan, where is the dagger? Wellcome to search me for it. You have to be very thorough.
It’s time.
We have to get out of here.
Vocabulary - Словарный запас:
dagger ['dægə] – кинжал
temple ['templ] – храм
guardian - страж, защитник, хранитель
assassin [ə'sæsɪn] – убийца
noble ['nəubl] – благородный
leap [liːp] - прыжок

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